miércoles, abril 13, 2011


Ever since I got hit on the head by a killer pan, I noticed that I think more in English... weird. So, today I will type this little one in the language most often neglected. Perhaps I should start a blog in English and keep this one alone.
I had a couple of therapies today. One with the grief lady, and one with the massage therapist. The latter was telling me that things happen for a reason (me being hit on the head). I sometimes think that may be true... but who wants to experience more pain than the one is already manifesting  with the loss of mom. In what way would this benefit me?, not would I only miss my precious dance class, but I won't be able to do other things at home. Just simple things, such as washing dishes (which they actually feel pretty heavy), laundry (bending over, pulling and pushing clothes in and out of the machines, makes it difficult). I wish I could hang myself upside down so that my spine decompressed.

My head still feels strange. The weather is cold, despite the sunny day. Every thing looks greener and it makes me feel serene. Not as numb as usual. En fin... creo que la pila en "aquél idioma" se me acabó. Ahora, a ver qué hago... estas sensaciones en la cabeza no me agradan. Ojalá no pierda la memoria o algo así. Por eso creo que voy a regresar más seguido a postear, aunque sea de tonterías.

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Tattvatah dijo...

Hola Nefer, espero que no sea tan doloroso, quizá tu subconciente buscó sufrir de una manera diferente a la que has estado sufriendo y se manifestó en forma física con el cazuelazo o yo que sé, espero que pronto te sientas como nueva !!!

Nefer dijo...

the universe works in mysterious ways :) tal vez tengas razón!

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