jueves, marzo 18, 2010


I don't know why but today I feel like writing in the language I usually run away from.

After my massage session with the nice lady, and the speak/touch technique, I came to realize that what has been bothering me for such a long time is the fact of being disregarded by people.

Everything started when I told her I felt tired most of the time, and that I was tired of feeling tired. Then the conversation -or should I say monologue- went on and on... (from domestic situations, work and health related issues, etc) until she asked me how my body was feeling about it, while she was massaging and aligning my energy...

Not only did I end up in tears... but she made me realize from my own answers to my own conversation, that it is not anger, it is not fear nor frustration, it is just the fact of not being heard, being disregarded.

From now on, I will disregard all the people who disregard me. Igual-a-igual... and as she told me... give them all the boot!

He dicho!

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nor dijo...

...y tambien me gusta leerte en ingles... y me choca el ingles.


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